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Even countries with multiparty elections tend to have two dominant parties. If they decided to form a single party, the messages of the smaller factions would get lost, reducing their outreach potential. Jess is focused on passing Medicare-for-All and building an America that belongs to all of us, not just the wealthiest and well-connected in Washington. Switzerland has been ruled by the same four-party coalition since 1959. Countries such as the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, and Switzerland all have eight or more parties represented in their legislature and all are considered to be stable, well-governed democracies. A two-party system is often purported to have a moderating influence by limiting influence of minority positions and making more stable governments. For example, before the most recent legislative elections in Ukraine, the ruling Party of Regions saw that it was doing poorly in the polls but was still the largest party thanks to a divided opposition. See All Candidates Here Dorothy Gasque WA-03 While our representatives argue about whether or not to raise the minimum wage, families are struggling to make rent. What hurts the US is the electoral system used, first-past-the-post voting (FPTP voting) single party borken. A farmer might feel that neither the Democrats nor Republicans will properly represent his interests and therefore not vote. However, none of this holds true in reality. Without effective opposition, there are no checks on abuses of power nor accountability. The two-party system in the US has led to pockets of one-party rule. For decades, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) in Germany were the political kingmakers. With multiple parties, people are more likely to find a party they feel best reflects their views and interests. Read More Dan Canon IN-09 Dan is a civil rights attorney who has spent his career fighting for those who would not otherwise have a voice in the justice system. Also, as the example of Sweden showed, there are often “natural” coalition partners, parties which are close in ideology but focus on different issues.

Minority parties rarely gain undue influence over the election, but when they do, they’re usually a moderating influence. Countries with proportional voting tend see greater political engagement and voter turnout than those with FPTP voting. Therefore, if it wants to be picked to join a governing coalition, it has to please one of the major parties. (Photo: mmmswan/Flickr) The two-party system, by itself, is not inherently bad. Related links: Our Candidates So far, we ve announced 49 candidates that are committed to refusing corporate PAC money and fighting for a progressive vision. Proportional voting would eliminate the benefits of gerrymandering all together. Multiple parties would make it much more difficult to predict election results, so gerrymandered districts couldn’t be engineered so precisely to produce safe seats. Dan believes that healthcare is a basic human right, that the role of dark money in politics must come to an end, and that we must invest in the working class single party borken. To a certain extent, Congress already operates as though it’s made up of coalitions of various parties. The only developed democracy with a lower voter turnout I could find was Switzerland (Voter turnout data for Switzerland). When coalitions are unstable, it’s usually due to other problems within society. This is effectively no different that “swing voters” in US politics. I don’t think any of them had a party try to shutdown the government and threatened to force it to default. It also makes it possible to break up populations so that they don’t have a majority in any district and thus receive no representation. Together with the Communist Party, the Party of the Regions was able to stay the ruling party despite the fact that the majority of voters voted for opposition parties (Ukrainian parliamentary election, 2012). During presidential elections, less than 70 percent of Americans vote and that drops to less than 50 percent during non-presidential elections. However, as a result of this, Republicans learned that they could concentrate Democratic voters into oddly-shaped districts.

To a lesser extent, this is the same problem governing coalitions in Italy have faced. Because these areas are so much farther to the left than the national average, Republicans are not appealing to them, but there is no other party with enough political presence to act as the opposition. Coalition governments can be very stable
. In Sweden, The Moderate, Liberal, Center, and Christian Democratic parties ran a unified campaign in 2010. Because people only have two realistic options, it makes it much easier for politicians to carve up districts which are favorable to them. Gerrymandering is partly a result of the lack of competition. Therefore the Moderate Party works with minor parties but doesn’t absorb them because it increases their share of potential votes. The risk of extremist parties is far overstated. In other cases, it’s generally the minor party which has to make the most concessions in order to join a coalition. Its necessity in any coalition kept the CDU and SPD from going too far to the right or left. They knew it was best to work together, but by maintaining separate identities, they’re able to reach more constituents. Because of the lack of alternatives, when voters become frustrated, instead of voting for another party, they stop voting. If the US were to switch to proportional representation, these caucuses could potentially split off as their own party, but still work together in congress. A Swedish farmer might not like the agrarian Center Party being subsumed into the more urbane Moderate Party as he does not trust them to represent his interests. ...

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The 50th anniversary of the War on Poverty inspired many Republicans to bash safety net programs, but some decided to blame single mothers and "family decay."

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On Wednesday's broadcast of MSNBC's "MTP Daily," Governor Terry McAuliffe (D-VA) declined to name a single leader of the Democratic Party. McAuliffe said that there ...

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With an estimated 15 million single mothers in the United States and numbers increasing daily, it is imperative that the local church have a thriving single mothers ...

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The official Broken Bells Website ... 30th Century Records Vol. 1 Compilation Out Now

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